Terroir 10 + Muskoka Brewery

There are many reasons to celebrate — and in terms of the hospitality industry, Terroir nailed it once again. Bringing together creative minds and skillful hands, Monday was filled with vibrant displays, elevated flavour profiles, like-minded enthusiasts, and inspiring speakers. Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding day. Of course, I had an appreciation for eachRead more
Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Retro snowsuits, food trucks, toasted marshmallows, toques, good company, beers, beers and more beers – what do all of these elements have in common? The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival, of course, pumping enthusiastic Ontarians full of suds while they hang with their tipsy and slightly cold mates. Once everyone poured in, it was timeRead more
Organic Week

Organic Week, Get Involved

Organic Week is now in full-swing. Canadians across the country are getting involved, celebrating organic food and the farmers who provide these nutrient-dense and environmentally conscious ingredients. Before we get into the details of this exciting week, there’s a question on many minds, does purchasing organic really make a difference? I assure you that optingRead more
Toronto Craft Brew Cruise

Craft Beer Cruisin’

A couple of weekends ago we were pirates for the day. Well, not really, because instead of downing rum from a barrel, beer cans were being cracked and kegs were being run dry. Drinking Ontario craft beers while cruising Toronto’s harbourfront, can’t really think of a better Saturday. This year marked the second annual TorontoRead more
Backyard picnic

Bored Midweek? Have a Backyard Picnic

Although a Wednesday is not a Friday,  there’s no need for it to pass by without some enjoyment. If you want to have a little midweek fun with your sweetie or a pal, then crack a beer or two, make a nibbles platter, and play some cards in the sun. That’s what we call backyardRead more
Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Sawdust City Brewing Co.

For anybody who enjoys good beer and the Muskoka region, you have to plan a day to the Sawdust City Brewery. Steve and I are always trying new beers so it’s only natural that we came across Sawdust City’s Lone Pine IPA one day. Sawdust City’s Lone Pine IPA exceeded our expectations which is howRead more
Lady Marmalade

Breakfast to Die For, You Have to Go to Lady Marmalade

Steve and I ventured downtown Toronto last night. We had been sampling our fair share of beers. In fact, we did not order the same beer twice. I felt rather tender this morning, probably because we were drinking beers like Houblon Chouffe. We needed a good breakfast which is exactly what we got. Here areRead more
lavarock (1 of 1)

Cooking on Hot Lava Rocks at Lusty Glaze Restaurant

Cooking on hot stone or rock is not a new concept. In fact, it is one of the oldest cooking methods. We’re so used to our ovens and cast iron pans, that we tend to forget about more traditional methods. There’s something so magical about cooking up vegetables, meat, or fish on a hot stone. This isRead more

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