The Legendary Oddity is Moving Across Ontario

Legendary Oddity

Let’s revel, spring has sprung once again, and with it, the warmth and greenery will return — that is, once Canadian Mother Nature makes up her mind. After the snow melts, spring will breathe much-needed life into all of us. This season also brings the legend that is Muskoka’s Legendary Oddity. For those of you who don’t know, this seasonal craft brew is an unfiltered Belgian-style strong ale — weighing in as a 7.1% hard hitter. Drink too many, you might just miss the whole of spring and find yourself waking up in the summer.

“Legends date back to the 1800’s when lumberjacks and fur traders took to the woods and encountered the mysterious culture and wildlife in the unknown Northern Ontario region. Today we echo our ancestors’ quest and have unearthed this season’s most distinct offerings.”

The Legendary Oddity is a brew worthy of the beer Gods. It’s handcrafted with pure Muskoka water, heather tips, juniper berries, sweet orange peel shavings, North American Malts, Sorachi Ace hops, Belgian yeast, and Belgian candi sugar. Now being offered in 473ml cans, this seasonal brew is no longer offered in the 750 mL bottles that once held this mysterious legend.

Legendary Oddity

Legendary Oddity offers a variety of flavours on the buds — and depending on your pallet, you’ll experience waves of flavourful enjoyment. Strap in, sit back and take in all the complex flavours and aromas. For me, my first sip was on the sweet, yet slightly bitter side — it didn’t take long for the orange peel to show itself. This initial bitter bite left me wanting more. An orchestra of bold flavours followed — a strong malty wave, which was then subdued by a crisp citrus finish.

Despite reading in at an ABV of 7.1, Oddity is smooth with an aftertaste that packs a punch. This spring brew is golden orange in colour and its clarity is muddled with the type of sediment you’d happily welcome. With its good foam retention and carbonation, Oddity is refreshing after a hard day’s work in the garden. This Belgian-style ale is definitely a beer worth savouring — or you could just fill up your whole fridge, allowing you to happily crack another.

Legendary Oddity

The previous Legendary Spring Oddity was an 8% brew, and given the 750mL bottle, it was meant for sharing — or for those who decided it was too delicious to share, they may have found themselves waking up in a bush after having far too much fun one Saturday evening. The current 473ml, however, gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy each drink solo. Then again, sharing isn’t out of the equation — in fact, a cooler of cans is the most effective way to get the party started.

Dropping slightly to an ABV of 7.1%, it hasn’t lost any of its legendary flavour. With each chug, its complexity is ever changing — the use of juniper berries with the North American malt work like a match made in heaven, only to be complemented by the bright, yet slightly bitter notes — its aroma is worth bottling in itself.

Legendary Oddity

Oddity’s heavenly nectar was brewed using Sorachi Ace hops. Originally developed in Japan, it’s a high alpha hop variety, typically between (10 and 16%). Most often used for bittering, Sorachi Ace hops offer an intense citrus aroma, as well as hints of dill, coriander, and tea — all of which depends on where the hops are sourced. For all you homebrewers, this hop variety is also ideal for saisons, IPAs, and wheat beers.

A masterful take on a Belgian-style ale, its ingredients pay homage to the origin of this brewing style. Each ingredient holds its own — the Belgian candi sugar gives this beer its strength without being overly sweet, but it’s the wizardry of the brewmaster that makes the beer itself so special.

Legendary Oddity

The return of the clear blue skies, sunshine, and plants will provide us all with a sense of relief. Soon, we can bask in the sun with the Legendary Oddity as we watch the presence of life come back to the rugged Canadian landscape. Nothing will bring us more joy than to finally be able to stoke up the bbq and enjoy a well-crafted beer — and what a well-crafted beer it is.

So just as the outdoorsmen once looked for this mysterious antlered eagle, each spring, we anxiously wait until the Legendary Oddity escapes from Muskoka Brewery.

Cans are currently being rolled out across the province, don’t miss out! Before you know it, Muskoka’s award-winning Summerweiss will be enjoyed on docks and in backyards around the province.



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