Terroir 10 + Muskoka Brewery

There are many reasons to celebrate — and in terms of the hospitality industry, Terroir nailed it once again. Bringing together creative minds and skillful hands, Monday was filled with vibrant displays, elevated flavour profiles, like-minded enthusiasts, and inspiring speakers. Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding day. Of course, I had an appreciation for each and every individual who played a key role in making this day possible, but I especially enjoyed my interaction with Gary McMullen and the Muskoka Brewery team.

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Legendary Oddity

The Legendary Oddity is Moving Across Ontario

Let’s revel, spring has sprung once again, and with it, the warmth and greenery will return — that is, once Canadian Mother Nature makes up her mind. After the snow melts, spring will breathe much-needed life into all of us. This season also brings the legend that is Muskoka’s Legendary Oddity. For those of you who don’t know, this seasonal craft brew is an unfiltered Belgian-style strong ale — weighing in as a 7.1% hard hitter. Drink too many, you might just miss the whole of spring and find yourself waking up in the summer.
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Locally sourced

C’mon Canadians — Local Is Where It’s At

Many of us Canadians were feeling a bit of the heat in terms of the plummeting loonie — especially when filling our fridges. When you pick up an apple or tomato at the grocery store, do you ever pay attention to the little sticker that showcases its origin? Hopefully, the weakened loonie will encourage more Canucks to source local food this upcoming year — as well as for years to come.

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Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Retro snowsuits, food trucks, toasted marshmallows, toques, good company, beers, beers and more beers – what do all of these elements have in common? The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival, of course, pumping enthusiastic Ontarians full of suds while they hang with their tipsy and slightly cold mates. Once everyone poured in, it was time to let loose and get funky – and let loose we did.

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Autumn Magazine Issue

Kitchen Sippin’ – Cooking with Beer

When you think of beer, you probably don’t visualize a piece of decadent cake, a slab of ribs, or a hearty soup, do you? Well, you may picture a frosty pint to accompany these foods – but what about cooking with that pint of liquid gold?

Even better yet, why not sip your brew while you cook or bake? Add a splash here and there as you chop, sauté, mix, and dance to your favourite beat. Just as music and a crisp wheat beer enhance your cooking experience, this fermented treat does the same to food. It’s not just a liquid to guzzle, my friend – it’s a culinary ingredient in its own right.

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Jerk Chicken Brunch

Winter Issue

Round two – here we are. Our winter issue has officially been released. If you haven’t yet received your free copy, you can get your issue here. All you need to do is subscribe to receive food and drink-related updates. You won’t be spammed until the cows come home, you’ll simply receive one or two posts delivered to your inbox monthly. Nah biggie. Here’s a little sneak peak into this issue.

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Beer and Cheese Pairing

Beer and Cheese Pairing Cheat Sheet

Canadians love beer, there’s no doubt about that – what else do we love?


In fact, 98 percent of us Canucks eat it regularly and the average Canadian is consuming just over 25 pounds of cheese a year. When you pair all that cheese with well-craft local brews, you’re livin’ the dream. To amp up your experience – here is a little beer and cheese pairing cheat sheet. Whether you’re throwing a winter bash, want to impress your new squeeze, or just indulge on a Tuesday – I got you covered.

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Health Benefits of Craft Beer

A Craft Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Beer and health benefits in the same sentence? If you’re thinking, Krista, you’re full of shyt – today is your lucky day. It’s true, beer does offer positive effects on your health. Just know that before you start hooking up an Imperial Stout intravenous drip, I’m not going to tell you to stop eating your vegetables or anything of that sort. Beer is by no means a replacement for a balanced diet, buuuuut it sure as hell can accompany one. Want to suck back suds without any guilt? Check out these health benefits.

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Spicy Pumpkin Seeds with Fresh Lime Zest

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, the Snack That Keeps On Givin’

No matter your age, everyone enjoys carving a pumpkin. With Halloween done and dusted, you may have saved the seeds your pumpkins so graciously sacrificed. If you didn’t, no worries, you can still make this deliciously ziggin’ snack. At least now you’ll know for next Halloween – those seeds you so readily pull out of your jack-o-lantern each year, all intertwined with pumpkin guts, can actually be used to make some munchies.

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